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These systems have been produced for customers over a period of time and are available in the similar or modified form. They also serve as application examples of our products. If you have a requirement for such systems please contact us.

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Automated Dilution of Hydrochloric Acid
Code: ADHA

This system was developed to demonstrate the feasibility of using a density measuring instrument and a peristaltic pump to control the concentration of HCl in an automated dilution application.  Product Details...

Bacterial Growth Control System
Code: BRCS

The REDOSTAT leaching control system maintains the redox potential (or the concentrations of ferric and ferrous ions) by using current to oxidize or reduce them.  Product Details...

Cheese Factory Cleaning Cycle and Pasteurizer Monitoring
Code: CCPM

In this application a monitoring system was implemented for a cheese factory in which the requirement was to be able to log the pasteurizing and CIP temperatures, flows and times for each of various parts of the plant.  Product Details...

2 MW DC Furnace Monitoring System

This furnace monitoring system uses standard Danntech Products on an RS485 network with a display and logging application running on a PC. The eight analogue inputs, provided by an MCI are used to measure the AC input current, voltage, active and reactive power and the electrode DC voltage and current.   Product Details...

Crystallization Pilot Plant Control
Code: DCMP

Ideally suited to experimental and pilot plant type operation, the Measurement and Control Interface (MCI) is used here to monitor and control a small chemical plant. A low cost PC which was fitted into a protective steel enclosure with an uninterruptible power supply is used to run the software.   Product Details...

Distributed Ammonia Gas Monitoring System
Code: DGMS

This system is a distributed monitoring system for 17 ammonia gas sensors in a refrigeration plant. There are five zones with four of them having three 4-20 mA gas sensor inputs and one other with five 4-20 mA inputs.  Product Details...

Leach Plant Control System

This system has three in-line leech tanks each with vibrating feeder controls, temperature control, pH monitoring and stirrer speed monitoring. Feed and collection tanks are also used and must be temperature and level controlled.  Product Details...

Galvanostatic/Potentiostatic Measurement Control System

This was designed to assist in electrochemical research using constant current control through a cell arrangement with two solutions separated by a membrane.  Product Details...

Irrigation Multi-Acid pH Control System

This system, designed for remote operation, controls the irrigation water pH using hydrochloric, sulphuric and phosphoric acids in a demand driven, premixing system. The ratios of the acids are chosen to suit the soil being irrigated.   Product Details...

Fabric Dying Control System
Code: JDCS

The revised control system has been designed to replace the original dedicated controller which was no longer useable or serviceable. A priority was to keep the costs as low as possible and it was decided to implement the controller using various interface components, a standard PC with a specialized counter interface card and software written to replicate the original machine functions.  Product Details...

Motor Current Monitoring System
Code: MCMS

This monitoring system has been designed to try and predict the failure of any particular motor of a bank of 300 motors in a steel plant.   Product Details...

Mini-Cell Test System
Code: MCTS

Designed to provide data logging and remote access for a small electroplating type cell used for research.  Product Details...

Electroplating Control System
Code: MECS

In this application a Measurement and Control Interface (MCI) is used with two Relay Multiplexers and a Four Relay Output Module to monitor and control four electrochemical cells. The temperature, electrolyte feed flow, cell current and cell outflow conductivity are controlled in each cell.  Product Details...

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