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TFI Auto Sectionalizer

Code: PR-0090

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The TFI monitors and isolates faulty areas of an electrical power supply or reticulation system so that the supply can be returned to users where there is no fault. The TFI monitors and reacts to phase to phase and phase to earth faults.
The TFI is designed to be 'ultra-low' powered and run for up to 5 years on its internal battery with the augmentation of current drawn from the currents being measured when they are above a certain level.

The TFI and batteries are contained in a neat steel enclosure with an attractive front panel with push button keys and a 128 x 64 dot matrix liquid crystal display.

Connections to the pole mounted current transformers, the trip contacts and the other external components are achieved using industrial type connectors.
The unit is designed to conform with the applicable CE requirements as well as having an industrial type enclosure.
The LCD display has several display modes such as where the phase to phase and phase to earth currents can be displayed in real time. Event information such as currents and the event times can also be displayed for the last 10 events. Using the four push button keys, the TFI can be configured with the selected operating parameters saved in non-volatile memory. Several other display options are possible - such as graphical displays with fault levels, bargraph type representations as well as phasor type displays.
Input/Output Specifications:
  • Three mains frequency AC current inputs 0 to 200 mA with peak withstand capability of 600 mA indefinitely.
  • One Neutral input which provides a common point for the three current inputs. Using this input the Earth (or Zero Phase Sequence) current can be measured.
  • Two potential free contact outputs
    1 rated at 125 VAC 1 A or 12 VDC 2.0 A. (Trip Coil)
    1 rated at 125 VAC 1A or 30VDC 0.5 A. (Aux Output)
  • One 5 - 30 VDC optically coupled digital input (Aux Input).
  • RS232 interface.
  • Auxiliary power input - 9 to 30 V AC or DC. The unit should detect that auxiliary power is present and keep the main processor, display and backlight on while the auxiliary power is present.
Selectable Operating Parameters:
  • Current transformer ratios.
  • The format for all currents displayed will be xxx.x A
  • The level which defines 'no-load' can be changed as required.
  • Maximum current (Imax) - this should represent 200 mA input current from the pole mounted CT.
  • Phase to phase trip level - 5 A to Imax.
  • Phase fault counter - 0 to 255 (0 disables).
  • Phase to earth trip level - 5 A to Imax.
  • Earth fault counter - 0 to 255 (0 disables).
  • Adjustable "Reclaim Times", which are also known as the Phase and Earth Fault timers - 1 to 255 seconds, separate timers for each. Default values of 25 seconds.
  • Option to sum the phase to phase and phase to earth fault counts.
  • Reset options - load or auto.
  • With load reset selected the reset current can be selected - 0 to Imax.
  • With auto reset selected the reset time can be selected - standard options are 50 mS, 1000 mS and then user selectable from 0 to 65535 mS.
  • On load test trip enable or disable.
  • Two trip counters will be available - one for the total number of trips and the other for the number of 'on-load' trips. This is can only be reset by a configurator. (Uses RS232 interface and certain secure registers).
  • All of these parameters to have 'factory defaults' with a user option to 'restore factory defaults' if necessary. The factory defaults can be changed by a configurator.
Physical Specifications:
  • Suitable metal enclosure with EMC and CE certification.
  • Operating temperature -20ºC to +60ºC.
  • Internal Lithium battery 2 x 3.5 V in series.
  • Panel mounting with plug-in terminals suitable for quick and easy wiring into enclosure.
  • Size distance between mounting centers 120 x 174 mm. Overall dimensions 200 x 190 x 60 mm (width x length x height).
  • Approximate mass - 1 Kg.
Power Specifications:
  • Auxiliary power to augment internal battery from CT inputs when measurement current is above a certain level.
  • Nominal input current is between 10 and 15 mA - this would be typical in a rural situation.
  • The display should indicate the current operating power regime.
  • Estimated 5 year battery life depending upon operating patterns.
  • Battery capacity monitor to give a fair estimate of remaining battery capacity.
Other Specifications:
  • 50 or 60 Hz operation with at least 12 samples per cycle at 60 Hz.
  • There will be no LED indicators - all displays to be done using the LCD.
  • Product branding.
  • Five front decal embedded push button switches approximately 20 x 20 mm.
  • TEST function, battery capacity and other functions accessible using push button keys and menu system displayed using the LCD display.
  • 128 x 64 LCD dot matrix display with backlight for configuration and display of measured values. Display and backlight on for some time after any key pressed - to be adjustable.
  • RS232 connection for configuration, diagnostics, data retrieval and testing using either PALM (PDA), Laptop PC or normal PC with serial port.
  • Register based access for all measurement and configuration data.
  • Firmware upgrade using RS232 interface with PC or Laptop PC. When preparing to download new firmware, this option must be selected and enabled from a menu and only then can new firmware be downloaded.
  • The firmware version can be accessed and displayed on screen or via serial port.
  • The embedded serial number can only be altered if menu is selected and password entered correctly.
  • Real time clock for time and date-stamping of events which are saved in memory. RTC can be set via menu selection using LCD and keys or using RS232 interface.
  • Data logging where up to 10 (or more) last events are saved in memory for viewing using LCD display or downloading via RS232 port.
  • Basic 10 and/or 12 bit internal accuracy with peak current monitoring using suitable, low power, multi-processor technology.
  • Wide dynamic measurement and/or detection range - 150 µA to 200 mA, with resolution approximately 15 µA.
Configuration Specifications:
  • Backlight Enable - ON/OFF.
    [enables the backlight to be switched on immediately when any key is pressed]
  • Backlight Switch-Off Delay Time - 0 to 1000 seconds.
    [time after no key activity that the backlight will switch off]
  • Display Switch-Off Delay Time - 0 to 1000 seconds.
    [time after no key activity that the display will switch off]

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