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Redostat Leaching and Bacterial Growth Control System

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REDOSTAT is the key to experimental success
Master variables, such as pH, temperature and redox potential, should be controlled during an experiment to ensure definitive results. Unfortunately, the redox potential is seldom controlled, leading to inaccurate experimentation.

Now, at last, a solution is available!

Because the redox potential is not controlled in many experiments, the concentrations of the redox couple change dramatically during the course of the experiment, and the extent of this change differs from experiment to experiment. These factors often make it difficult for the researcher to interpret the results of experiments. The REDOSTAT alleviates the problems associated with changes in redox potential during an experiment.
The REDOSTAT is a turnkey apparatus enabling the control of all the master variables, such as redox potential, in both chemical and biological experiments. Such controlled experimentation results in more precise data that can be interpreted with more certainty. Get full value out of the experiments that you perform! The REDOSTAT is a versatile apparatus that can be configured for a large variety of experiments. The high precision of the measurements and the control system that removes the uncertainty from one of the key master variables, means that you can perform experiments that are repeatable – leading to conclusions that are reliable.
Benefits of REDOSTAT

  • The REDOSTAT is a unique, versatile and automated system for controlling and recording data from experiments.
  • The REDOSTAT system ensures control of temperature, pH, redox, and dissolved oxygen.
  • It can be configured for the automatic addition of reagents during the experimentation period.
  • The REDOSTAT package incorporates instrumentation and control systems in a compact bench unit.
  • The REDOSTAT system is the ideal choice for obtaining results needed for
    the design and scale-up of critical unit operations.
  • REDOSTAT – for more effective experimentation Time, min
    in chemistry and biology.

  • pH control.
  • Temperature control.
  • Redox potential control.
  • Agitator speed indicator.
  • Dissolved oxygen measurement.
  • Computer control and data logging.
Chemical Applications
Precipitation reactions.
Cladding reactions.
Electroless deposition reactions.
Electroplating reactions.
Dissolution reactions.
Corrosion studies

Environmental Applications
Sulphide oxidation.
Ionic feeding of bacteria.
Acid mine drainage

Biochemical Applications
Quinone chemistry.

Biotechnology Applications
Bacterial growth or suppression.
Bacterial leaching.
Bacterial reduction of manganese dioxide.
Acid mine drainage.
Bacterial growth on soil from Mars.
Algae control.
System Specifications:
Measurement and Control Parameters
  • Redox potential control to less than 1 mV of the set point.
  • Integral analogue input measurement and control outputs with 16-bit accuracy.
  • Temperature control with heater/circulator: control accuracy within 1°C.
  • Redox measurement range: 100 to 1000 mV.
  • Redox measurement accuracy: less than 1mV.
  • pH measurement range: 0 to 14 pH.
  • pH measurement accuracy: 0.1 pH.
  • Oxygen measurement (optional) accuracy: 0.2 ppm.
  • Agitation speed measurement.

Reaction chamber
  • Reaction chamber is one compartment of a two-compartment electrochemical cell.
  • Ion exchange membrane separates compartments.
  • Size of reaction chamber to suit experiment: Sizes between 200 mL and 4L.
  • Removable ion exchange membrane.
  • Platinum plate/foil/gauze electrodes.
  • Removable lid to support various sensors and ancillary equipment.
  • Reaction chamber acid resistant.
  • Maximum temperature: 80°C.
  • Overhead stirrer driven by variable speed stirrer.
  • Gas-tight seal on stirrer shaft for accurate monitoring of gas
  • Range of current to reaction chamber: 0 to ±2000 mA.
  • Resolution for current control and control accuracy: less than 1 mA. 
  • Cell voltage compliance: 15 V or 20 V.
  • Reaction chamber level alarm sensors.
  • Water bath level alarm and emergency cut-out.

REDOSTAT control unit
  • Electronics housed in compact desktop unit.
  • Touch screen interface for user-friendly operation.
  • Software provides full control, detailed measurement display
    and data-logging.
  • Connectors fitted to control unit for all electrical connections.
  • Individual disconnection of measurement cables.
  • TFT touch screen is IP65 NEMA 4 compliant.
  • Alarms, e-mail warnings and operating summaries available on Ethernet network.
  • Uninterrupted power supply.
  • SMS notification of status, warnings and alarms (optional).

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