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      Current Transmitters

      We have been designing and manufacturing current and voltage transmitters for more than 35 years! As a consequence, we have many varieties from very standard voltage and current transmitters to multi-channel units and some that can track an AC input (voltage or current) by each cycle, with a half cycle output response up to 300 Hz and others with measurement bandwidths up to 20 kHz.

      Most of the transmitters in this group use a fast DSP processor to do RMS calculations or signal processing functions. Varieties are:
      RMS | Low Cost | High currents - up to 250 A with internal shunt and any current with external shunt | Self Powered | Average Responding | Wideband True RMS up to 10 kHz | Fast Responding RMS | Loop Powered RMS (DIN Rail or CT Mounting) | 3 Inputs | Variable Frequency RMS and three variations of single phase or DC power transmitters for voltage and current inputs.

      See our current_and_voltage_transmitter_application_collage.pdf and the Current_Voltage_Transmitters_Tabled.pdf documents to compare features for special applications.