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      Do you think you need a customized electronic design?

      Creative people often have a design concept or see an opportunity which may require some electronic component or design. In 80% of the cases of new ideas we have come across, products probably already exist, Google is the place to start.

      If it has been done, that can be a good thing because you are not breaking completely new ground and you can easily put a value on the product. Sometimes some refinements or design improvements can reduce costs, add or improve features and expand an existing market.

      An idea that is very new needs patience and resources to develop, test, refine, document and make ready for production.

      We believe that with a working prototype, you are still only 33% of the way to a product suitable for production, sale or use and most of us underestimate the costs to develop a new product.

      We can offer design services to suit your requirements.

      We have a range of standard products which can be adapted, configured or programmed to fulfil special customer needs. We can license an existing design for a customer to use in the same or modified physical format, or we can adapt an existing design to match the requirements or do a complete new and customised design.

      Apart from our standard products which can be seen at www.danntech.com we can do customized product development.

      A typical product development path could be

      • Understanding the requirements with regard to function, form, quantities, cost, timescales – this can be series of e-mails, one or more meetings, background research and possibly a one or more site visits.
      • Producing a technical specification with a functional diagram.
      • Developing a budget and timescale estimate based upon the technical specifications and constraints.
      • We can prepare a memorandum of understanding (MOU) – outlining how we can work together, to suit the project.
      • Proof of concept versions can be provided if necessary.
      • Prototypes and preproduction models can be built.
      • Manufacturing and user documentation can be produced as the product design becomes more mature.
      • The MOU can be converted to a more formal agreement.

      The result can be

      A licence to use the device in several forms:

      • We manufacture small quantities.
      • We can manage a contract manufacturer for larger quantities on a cost-plus basis.
      • The customer can manufacture.
      • The customer can assemble sub-assemblies or PCBs into their final product.

      Intellectual Property (IP) forms can be -

      • Supply of populated and tested PCBs with embedded firmware, which can be in customer defined physical format.
      • Supply Gerber files, hex files, flash kit, configuration cables, test gear (for higher volumes).
      • Supply of original Altium PCB files, source code, test source and hardware details – complete product package (can also be to Escrow if required).
      • Complete exclusive ownership outright - supply of original PCB files, source code, test source and hardware details – complete product package to customer.
      • We can supply completed product as per agreed specification to be sold on “as-is” or fitted into customer product.

      Costs can be

      Initiation cost – prototypes etc., license cost - annual/monthly or per unit charge or cost for completed units or complete contract development costs for exclusive ownership.

      Each project is assessed and priced according to its complexity.


      We have been designing products for over 35 years and have completed many customized projects, these projects include:

      • Three-phase Through Fault Indicator (TFI) used by Scottish Power (CE certified) approximately 500 units.
      • Replacement keyboards for Mossgas.
      • Submerged Arc Furnace Controllers – 32 units.
      • A laboratory instrument to measure the phase disengagement of Multi-Phase Liquids and emulsions – The Smart-Level™ Solvex Lab.
      • Temperature monitoring of an 80 meter direct reduced iron (DRI) kiln operating at over 1000°C – kilnStar.
      • Pharmaceutical ultra-low temperature, -80°C wireless fridge remote monitoring for more than 120 fridges.
      • Fuel level filtering measurements for sports cars.
      • Water quality monitoring for fish farms.
      • Level control for 17 sequential platinum flotation cells.
      • Geyser Control System for residential complexes with solar power.


      Contact us now so we can offer our expertise and experience to your new product!

      Landline: +27 (0) 11 792-1239
      Mobile: +27 (0) 82 900-0575