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      Our Story

      Danntech is a small company, founded in 1986 by Mike Dann, designing and manufacturing electronic products mainly used for measurement and process control. And, yes, we did start up in a garage, but failed to make it into the big-time like Apple and Hewlett-Packard, we are still working on that!

      Figure 1. In the garage in around 1987 at 58 Charlie Road. Ellen Bvuma, Glenn Taylor, Roland Muller
      and Anna Nekhumbe making Vertex-1’s and EasyChlor chlorine dosing devices.

      We started off making dual pH controllers for a high current ion exchange device making sodium hydroxide from salt for water treatment. This introduced us with a large bump to signal isolation and measurement and control in difficult environments. From there to DC to DC converters for trucks (another tough environment) and chlorine dosing gadgets for swimming pools.

      We formed alliances and did projects with various folks mostly with moderate success

      • Phillip McInnes doing the Vertex-1’s (DC to DC converters)
      • Marc Jarchow designing a concrete press controller
      • SME with the paper folding machine automation
      • SME doing the air-conditioning controller for the Mamba military vehicle
      • and many others that I can’t remember just now.

      We are presently working on refining many of our products to make them suitable for automated production, reliable operation, easy configuration, international certification, for manufacture in other locations and for global export. The website is the result of this process and as we progress with the product refinements, the information is migrated to this website. Much historical information is available on which will become less commercially relevant as time goes on.

      We offer a standard range of products which are available ex-stock and can be purchased on-line from this website. The products offered here, are a selection from our larger product range which includes our more specialised products. You can see more about other products at

      Figure 2. Danntech - January 2020.


      Please feel free to contact us directly with any queries on +27 (0) 11 792 1239.