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      Serial Interface Modules

      What is a Serial Interface Module?

      A serial interface module converts a serial protocol such as RS485 into a USB pluggable com port. These are useful for communicating with devices that use these protocols and allow for high speed communications while requiring now external power source.

      Our range of USB to RS485 Converters comprises of two types – one where the two wire RS485 connections are electrically connected to the USB interface (non-isolated) and two others which have galvanic isolation (5kV) between the USB interface and the RS485 interface (isolated). These converters can operate at a maximum speed of 3Mbps

      Power for this RS485 to USB converter is provided from the USB port so there is no need for an external power supply. It is designed around the high performance and reliable FT232B processor chip from FTDI, and is compatible with all versions of Windows, Mac and Linux.