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      What is a "Bespoke Eco-Line"?

      The Eco-Line range of signal converters has been designed using a low-cost, powerful microprocessor which enables us to offer flexibility, reliability and accuracy at a really good price in a small package.

      These signal converters are configurable to allow for DC voltage, DC current or resistance inputs and outputs. You can find all the selectable options here.

      Can't find the option you need?

      The options available on the custom Eco-Line are only the ones we have manufactured before. We can design any input or output within the limits given below.

      Input Ranges:
      DC Voltage: -10 V to 10 V with a resolution of up to 30 mV.
      DC Current: 0 mA to 22 mA with a resolution of up to 0.02 mA.
      Resistance: 0 Ω to 15 kΩ with a resolution of up to 20 Ω.

      Note that inversion of the input or output ranges is easily possible.

      The relationship between the input and the output is typically a linear conversion but if you require some other algorithm we may be able to accommodate you.

      What will it cost me?

      The cost will be calculated on the complexity and the quantity required.

      The base cost for the Eco-Line is R2,250, unless major changes or expensive parts are required. Additional hourly cost is R850. For simple changes the time required is estimated at eight hours, for longer projects this will be more.

      These are once off costs for the first unit and additional purchases will be the base Eco-Line cost plus the additional parts cost.

      Contact Us Here

      landline: +27 (0) 11 792-1239
      mobile: +27 (0) 82 900-0575
      The hours we are available to talk are:
      08:00 - 18:00 SAST or (UTC/GMT +2)
      01:00 - 11:00 EST
      23:00 - 09:00 PDT
      19:00 - 05:00 AEDT