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      Title Description More Information
      Fixed Setpoint Controller An application for adjustable, preset analogue outputs using a digital input.

       Click Here

      Arduino Interface Providing industrial isolated analogue inputs and outputs for an Ardunio or Raspberry Pi. Click Here
      Square Root Extractor Square Root Extractor Click Here
      Scuff Gauge Signal Converter Resistance input with centrepoint and
      extremity calibration measuring car wheel
      Click here
      Printing Press Controller Interface Two custom calibrated units for interface control of a printing press. Click here
      Pulse Accumulator For a rain gauge - 32 pulses accumulates to 20 mA. 1 pulse = 5mm of rain in a tipping bucket device. Click Here
      Joystick Interface Converting a resistance joystick for a unidirectional 4‐20 mA output. Click here
      DC Current and Voltage Measurement Measuring battery voltage and current with isolated 4-20 mA outputs.
      Click Here
      Solar Irradiance Sensor Signal Conversion Converting Solar Sensor outputs to isolated process signals. Click here
      Borehole Level Sensor Signal Splitter Using an Eco‐line to provide an additional isolated 4‐20 mA output. Click here
      Eco-Line with Hysteresis Convert 4 - 20 mA to a ±5 V output with some hysteresis around the 0V output where the output polarity changes. Click here


      If you are interested in any of the special functions Eco-line, please fill in the form below and give us a short description of what your application requires.