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      Our current shunts and voltage dividers extend the input signal range of our Eco-Line Signal Converters, Signal Converters and AC Current and Voltage Transducers.
      The voltage dividers can be used up to 1000 V with DC or AC

      • Standard voltage inputs up to 1000 V.
      • Standard current inputs up to 25 A.
      • Can be used with bipolar input signals
      • Customized input and output ranges on request.
      • Most suitable output for voltage dividers is 10 V for best accuracy with Signal Converters for DC and Voltage Transducers for AC.
      • Best accuracy shunt output is 100 mV for Signal Converters for DC and Voltage Transducers for AC.
      • Combined calibration certificate if purchased with a Signal Converter or Voltage Transducer.
      • Operating temperature -10°C to 70°C.
      • DIN rail mounting with dimensions 25 x 80 x 85 mm (W x H x D)


      • High voltage and current isolation and conversion.
      • Filtering of noisy signals using a Signal Converter or Voltage Transducer.
      • DC Servomotor current and voltage feedback isolation and conversion.
      • Being a simple resistive divider or shunt the bandwidth of the Signal
      • Converter and Voltage Transducers is maintained.
      • Isolation to 1500 VAC rms when used with a Signal Converter or Voltage Transducer