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      This wall and DIN rail mounted indicator provides a convenient way of displaying any process variable. Simply connected in series with the signal to be displayed, the Loop Powered Digital Indicator draws its power from the loop so no additional power supply is required. The large format Liquid Crystal Display provides a clear and easy to read 31/2 digit display. The display can be scaled anywhere between -1999 and +1999. Decimal point position and minus sign control are able to be configured to suit most applications. Zero and span adjustment are provided on the front of the unit.

      • Input signal range of 2 to 22 mA.
      • Voltage drop of 6 V in the loop.
      • Multi-turn trimpot adjustment for zero and span on the front of the unit.
      • Frequency response 1 Hz.
      • Linearity better than ±0.25% of full scale.
      • Operating temperature -10 to 60°C.
      • 24 hour operational burn-in.
      • Calibration sheet provided for each unit.
      • DIN rail and wall mounting.
      • Dimensions - DIN rail version: 100 x 80 x 85 mm (W x H x D) Wall mounting CCG version: 120 x 120 x 80 (W x H x D).
      • Remote process signal indication.
      • In-line display of any 4-20 mA signal.