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      The Potentiometer or Resistance output transmitter converts a process signal input to a potentiometer or resistance output.
      The output can be configured as a three terminal potentiometer, dual, isolated 256 step resistors or one 512 step resistor.
      The transmitter uses actual resistors with relay selection so the output is inherently potential free and isolated.

      • Standard input signal ranges 0-50 mV, 0-100 mV, 0-1 V, 0-5 V, 0-10V, 18-32 V, 0-100 V, 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA, 0-1 kΩ and 0-10 kΩ.
      • Customised input and output ranges on request.
      • Input impedance of >100 kΩ for the voltage input and 50 Ω for the current input models. u Output resistance ranges 0 to 255 Ω in 1 Ω steps, up to 0 to 255 kΩ in 1 k Ω steps or any subrange.
      • Output can be three terminal potentiometer, dual 256 step resistances or one 512 step resistance.
      • Adjustable filter from 0 to 60 seconds.
      • Optional RS485 RMF and Modbus comms.
      • Frequency response minimum approximately 50 mS with filter disabled.
      • Linearity better than 0.5% of full scale.
      • Relay output for alarm or control functions 30 V at 1 A.
      • Power supply 18-36 VDC or 90-260 VAC.
      • Isolation between input and output and power supply >1,000 VAC.
      • Operating temperature -10°C to 60°C.
      • 24 hour operational burn-in.
      • Calibration sheet provided for each unit manufactured.
      • High quality, self-extinguishing, polyamide enclosure.
      • DIN rail mounting with