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      This product was designed to provide a cost-effective way to provide for three individually isolated, analogue inputs up to 600 VAC with true RMS conversion. The isolated analogue outputs share a common 0V as they are designed to go into a PLC or some other non-isolated analogue input device.

      • Three separate, isolated inputs, voltage and current which can be either AC or DC.
      • 0 to 600 V in several ranges: 0-600, 0-400, 0-250, 0-150 V (link configurable).
      • 0 to 15 A in four ranges: 0-1, 0-5 A (link configurable) and 0-10, 0-40 A (factory configurable by changing shunt resistors).
      • RMS AC conversion.
      • Input frequency measurement response range 0 to 500 Hz.
      • 12 bit input conversion for AC, 16 bit input conversion for DC.
      • Dedicated processor for each input to do RMS to DC conversion, signal conditioning and digital signal isolation.
      • 3 outputs sharing a common 0 V – primarily designed for PLC or other controller type inputs.
      • 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA, 0-10 V, 0-5 V and ±10 V.
      • Output response time approximately 1 second or less.
      • 12 bit output conversion.
      • 12 VDC +10%, -5% at approximately 500 mA maximum, 24 VDC +10%, -5% at approximately 300 mA maximum or optional wide range input 9 to 36 VDC.
      • Bottom entry cable glands for high voltage inputs suitable for cable diameters 4 to 10 mm with PCB mounted push-in power terminals.
      • Output and power cable glands for cable diameters 2.5 to 6.5 mm at the top of the enclosure.
      • Test sheet supplied for each unit after burn-in with calibration and accuracy information shown for each input.
      • Operating temperature -10°C to 60°C.
      • 24 hour operational burn-in.
      • IP66 ABS enclosure, chassis mounting, dimensions (including cable glands) 160 x 170 x 90 mm (width x height x depth). Mounting footprint drill centres 100 x 140 mm.
      • Packaged size: 260 x 195 x 115 mm (L x W x H) – weight 0.6 kg.