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      The Analogue and Digital Multi-I/O Module (ADMIOM) is a device designed with two operational applications:

      • When used in De-multiplexer Mode (DM), the module operates as a 12 channel analogue signal de-multiplexer, and is able to map an analogue input to one of 16 analogue outputs. This operational setting has been created for use with Kiln 1 and 2 at Scaw metals.
      • When used in Remote Magic Mode (RM), the device forms part of the Remote Magic Family and the module operates as a slave device with an isolated analogue input, two isolated digital inputs, twelve analogue outputs and 4 relay outputs offering normally open and normally closed contacts.

      In both modes the device is able to communicate serially through RS232 and RS485 protocols. It can be accessed easily through the use of the (GUI Name) provided or a simple communications protocol. The Module is powered with 24VDC.

      • Chassis mounting in suitable enclosure.
      • Power requirement 24 VDC (23 V to 27 V) at 300 mA.
      • Demultiplexer or Remote Magic operating modes.
      • In demultiplexer mode can be used to convert 12 sequentially sampled analogue process signals into 12 separate analogue outputs.
      • Basic 12 bit A/D and D/A accuracy.
      • Modbus RTU or Remote Magic ASCII protocol.
      • Various communications and signal level alarm relay output options.
      • Normally open and normally closed relay contacts available.
      • Facility for expansion with and 16 digital or relay outputs.
      • Watchdog used to constantly monitor the microprocessor power and activity.
      • Various LEDs are used to indicate power supply status, communication status (RX and TX), microprocessor status and the state of each output.
      • The level at power-on of each analogue and digital output can be preset to avoid dangerous initial conditions.
      • RS485 and RS232 serial communications at 9 600 bits/sec and 19 200 bits/sec.
      • Operating temperature range 0 to 70°C.
      • Dimensions 267 x 195 x 40 mm (width x length x height).
      • Mass approximately 300 g without enclosure.
      • Product Brochure (Coming Soon)
      • Application Notes (Coming Soon)
      • User Manual (Coming Soon)