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      The sensor represents the modern trend in radiation sensing using photodiodes, sometimes referred to as a silicon pyranometer. This requires less compensation and less maintenance.

      The photodiode measurement head has a optical filter which also acts as a cosine corrector.

      Screws with stainless steel springs and a built-in spirit level allow for correct sensor positioning. 

      The sensor is built ruggedly for long durability and lengthy inter-service intervals. All exposed parts are made of corrosion resistant material like hard anodized aluminium or UV resistant engineering plastic. Teflon top measurement tip reduces chances of dust collecting on the sensor.

      High quality two core screened teflon coated cable is supplied in standard or custom lengths. 

      Mounting is by way of three mounting holes which provide a way of bolting the baseplate onto a secure fixture.

      The sensor sports a wide supply voltage range. Outputs other than the standard can be considered in appropriate cases and are offered in customized versions.

      Parameter Conditions Min Typical Max Units
      Type of Sensing Element Photo Diode
      Type of Sensor Silicon Pyranometer
      Accuracy ±5% FS
      Repeatability ±1% FS
      Output 4 to 20 mA
      Range of measurement 0 2000 W/Sq.m
      Temperature Drift Non-Frosting -20 to +65 °C <1% FS
      Built-in Corrections Incident angle
      Angle Correction Cosine Weighted
      Accuracy 0 to 60 °C ±5%
      Filter Stability ±1%
      Storage Temperature -45 +85 °C
      Operating Temperature -20 +70 °C
      Supply Voltage 9 24 30 V
      Supply Current 4 - 20 mA
      Power on setting time 1 s
      Location   Outdoor mast borne  
      Leveling Built-in spirit level, Leveling Screw
      Standard In-house

      sunTXM Response Curve

      sunTXM Spectral Response


      Applications of the sunTXM® include solar radiation measurement in agricultural, ecological and solar panel applications.