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      Loadcell Transmitters

      We have two products in the Loadcell Transmitter Group. The High Speed Strain Gauge Amplifier/Isolator is a total analogue design to be able to achieve fairly fast linear response, up to 10 kHz. High quality and precision parts are used to achieve good accuracy and temperature stability.

      The Loadcell Transmitter (LT) uses a DSP processor to do conversion and excitation control. Various filtering and tare functions are provided as well as RS485 Modbus. All the options are selectable and the unit can be configured to suit your application.
      High Speed Strain Gauge Amplifier/Isolator High Speed Strain Gauge Amplifier/Isolator
      R 3,995.00
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      Loadcell Transmitter Loadcell Transmitter
      R 3,550.00
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